Talk to a Physical Therapist

Are you having trouble with day to day activities? Having pain that is limiting you? Do you have an injury that is not getting better? Concerned about your health? A screening or discovery visit is ideal for people with: Neck or Back pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, balance problems, difficulty walking, Headaches, Sciatica and more. If you are having pain or problems with activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods, going up or down steps, getting in and out of the car, reaching or lifting, sleeping, or driving, this is an excellent opportunity to talk to a physical therapist.

A free screening or discovery appointment will give you the chance to learn if physical therapy can help. During your appointment, you will learn what is causing your problem and what could be done to correct the problem. A Physical Therapist will meet with you to discuss your condition and provide a brief assessment of your function and physical abilities, and look at how you are moving. You will gain insight into what could be done to overcome your problem. Many people describe a new sense of hope and relief when they realize what physical therapy can do for them.

Schedule your FREE screening appointment today, so we can help you get back your health. Call us at (704) 489-0004 or send us a message below.

* If you are not a candidate for physical therapy, a referral to another medical provider will be provided. A discovery visit does not involve any treatment and is not considered an evaluation. If you decide to pursue physical therapy treatment, we will clarify your insurance coverage or offer cash payment options.